Joe Colley (Past)

Joe joined the Nova Scotia Mass Choir in 1992 after walking pass Club 55 on Gottingen Street and deciding to go in a take a seat and listen. Since then, Joe has directed the Nova Scotia Mass Choir on and off after being asked by Woody Woods to direct the Choir in Shelburne when another director could not attend.


Joe began singing and using his musical talents at the young age of eight (8) years old. He recalls going from place to place and church to church singing with his mother who was an organist, and other family members.


Joe has also taken pen to hand and written songs. One of the songs that Joe wrote for the choir is Holy Spirit on which he sings the lead. Holy Spirit was also sung by the choir on their TV series Hallelujah and recorded on the CD “Lord You Brought Me a Mighty Long Way”, which is a compilation of songs by a number of artists.


Joe is also the musical director for the Community Gospel Choir at Saint Thomas Baptist Church in North Preston. He is a co-director for the group Conquerors for Christ; a member of the Hallelujah Praise Choir, and the group United for Christ also from Saint Thomas Baptist Church. Joe directs a small group at his workplace known as Municipal Voices. Joe enjoys music, as it is an important part of his life.


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