Scott Macmillan (Past)

Born in Halifax, Scott Macmillan enjoys a stellar reputation in Nova Scotia and abroad for his unusual versatility working in the fields of classical, pop, jazz, blues and celtic music.

Scott Macmillan has an important history with the Nova Scotia Mass Choir. He served as one of the founding Choral Conductors of the NSMC from the autumn of 1992 to the summer of 1993. He wrote the choral arrangements for this new found choir and readied them for their debut performances at the Gospel Festival held in Halifax in the early summer of 1992.

Scott conducted the NSMC and completed the orchestral arrangements in their first “Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.” concert as they collaborated with Symphony Nova Scotia, on January 15, 1992 and again for their 1993 concert. He was also involved with a reunion with the NS Mass Choir during the Symphony Nova Scotia / ECMA Concert at the Rebecca Cohn on January 30, 1998.

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